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Things I have cooked up for freeRADIUS and related

Dec 27, 2005

Debian package repository for customized packages.

March 17, 2005, Client-Short-Name

This version of the patch applies against 1.1.0pre from CVS HEAD as of this date. Due to the frequent changes in the Dictionary attributes, expect future dates to reject hunks from the share/dictionary and src/include/radius.h files. The good news however, is that it is fairly easy to put those back in, just make sure they have a unique number to them.

This patch allows you to match against clients as named in your clients.conf file. This is particulary usefull if you have a naming approach that allows you to treat like named clients the same. I suggest you use this with the regex operator.

March 17, 2005, -* and -~ operator

This patch will add the substar (-*) operator and correct the behavior of the subeq (-=) operator. The -* operator will cause all of the named attributes to be deleted from the reply, which is the current behavior of the -= operator without this patch. With this patch -= will only delete all attributes of that name if the supplied value is blank (""). Otherwise it will only delete attributes with a matching value.

This version of the patch also adds the -~ operator which will remove any of the named attributes whose value matches the supplied regular expression value. Freeradius must be compiled with regex support for this to work.

This version will apply against Freeradius 1.0.2 - 1.1.0pre0 (CVS HEAD) as of this date.

Dec 14 2003, -* operator

This patch will add the substar (-*) operator and correct the behavior of the subeq (-=) operator.
This will not work on the 0.9.3 branch, it will apply against the 1.0.0-pre0 CVS.

Nov 30 2003, freeRADIUS with Mysql and MRTG

Scripts and a program to aid in graphing dialup users with mrtg.

Nov 30 2003, freeRADIUS 0.9.3

This patch will add the client-short-name attribute which can be used to match in the users file.
Use this to treat like named clients the same.

Jan 12 2004, Integrated into CVS. This patch is now obsolete.
Nov 30 2003, freeRADIOUS 0.9.3 (Still works)
Sep 3 2003, freeRADIUS 0.9.0

A patch which makes the !* operator work (for me at least).

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