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Miscellaneous things I have cooked up.

May 30 2005 - cut delimiter squeeze

This patch adds this option to cut from GNU Coreutils.

"-z, --squeeze-delimiters treat consecutive delimiters as one"

May 27 2005 - llist

This is a linked list implementation, suitable for drop in compilation into your sources. I find it usefull. You may find it naive incomplete and buggy. Enjoy.

May 27 2005 - nanog-traceroute

This is a traceroute program I saw referenced in nanog material.

May 27 2005 - printline

Printline is a program I use for scripts to selectively print its input lines. In its simplest form it may be used to loop your input one line at a time. Of course you could use read for at least some of this programs functionality.

May 27 2005 - spool-remailer

Spool-remailer is a program written primarily to be used for remailing mbox spool files to users who have moved from a server before downloading their email. Of course, this was before I saw formail(1) which is pretty much a feature superset of this program for more general tasks.

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