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Miscellaneous things I have cooked up.

July 21 2022 - FRR patches

FRR related patches for things like nhrp ospf bgp. Also there is an nhrp event handler script.

July 21 2022 - RTBH Real Time BlackHole

These scripts implement a framework for quagga based RTBH management, as well as external DB (sqlite) management of the RTBH and importation of external lists and related sundries.

July 21 2022 - catchflood.sh

This script is designed to detect, log and counteract uknown frame floods in an IPv4 switched ethernet environment. Its large and complex supports vlans and includes things like an arpcache, router detection, proxy arp detection and almost everything else minus the kitchen sink.

July 21 2022 - iputils-arping patches

These patches change vlan tag handling and add options -0 -t -T -S -p -C to arping utility from the iputils project.

May 30 2005 - cut delimiter squeeze

This patch adds this option to cut from GNU Coreutils.

"-z, --squeeze-delimiters treat consecutive delimiters as one"

May 27 2005 - llist

This is a linked list implementation, suitable for drop in compilation into your sources. I find it usefull. You may find it naive incomplete and buggy. Enjoy.

May 27 2005 - nanog-traceroute

This is a traceroute program I saw referenced in nanog material.

May 27 2005 - printline

Printline is a program I use for scripts to selectively print its input lines. In its simplest form it may be used to loop your input one line at a time. Of course you could use read for at least some of this programs functionality.

May 27 2005 - spool-remailer

Spool-remailer is a program written primarily to be used for remailing mbox spool files to users who have moved from a server before downloading their email. Of course, this was before I saw formail(1) which is pretty much a feature superset of this program for more general tasks.

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