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Things I have cooked up for QPopper and related

Mar 10, 2006 - Updated versions of the local-names patch

This is an update to the local-names patch. See its original entry. The update corrects a problem with the displayed hostname if the option is not used. This version is for use with happymail-pl8.

Mar 10, 2006 - HAPPYMAIL sleep-seconds pl8 jm-pl6. New features, removal of nomsgs feature

This version of the happymail-sleep-seconds patch removes the nomsg feature which is now available seperately. It also includes the changes to the CAPA LOGIN-DELAY and proper extended response error message.

Jan 09, 2006 - nomsgs feature is deprecated

The nomsgs happymail-sleep-seconds feature is now deprecated. All mozilla mail codebases appear to flush UIDL's after login and presentment with 0 messages. This causes duplicates to be downloaded. On that related note, here is a script that eliminates duplicate emails from email folders. This was designed to be used on windows mozilla profiles mounted on a linux computer and intended to be used in a fashion like this:

find "profile's mail folder directory" \( -not -newer "profile's mail folder directory"/popstate.dat \) \
-and -type f -not -name "*.msf" -not -name "*.zip" -print0 |\
xargs -0 -n1 ~/bin/dupemailclean.sh

The script has a dependency on printline. A side effect may have defragmenting-like performance benefits for some mail files, which are notoriously prone to fragmentation.

Dec 27, 2005 - Statistics-Read

This patch allows you to specify "set statistics-read = true" which then causes qpopper to log two additional numbers, the number of messages downloaded and the bytes downloaded.

Jun 10, 2005 - HAPPYMAIL sleep-seconds pl8 jm-pl5c

This version fixes nomsgs not to activate if happymail delay will be slept out. This version also does not sleep anytime if happymail-sleep is zero. Previous versions would also require happymail-sleep-seconds to be zero.

Jun 1, 2005 - HAPPYMAIL sleep-seconds pl8 jm-pl5b

This version fixes some intertwining of the sleep feature with the nomsgs feature, making them operate independant of each other. This version also removes the default of 15s for the happymail-sleep-slice option.

May 30, 2005 - HAPPYMAIL sleep-seconds pl8 jm-pl5

This version adds a new configuration option, happymail-nomsgs. When set to true, this will cause qpopper to report no msgs to the user instead of a HAPPYMAIL error message.

You may find this usefull if your userbase mistakenly guesses new passwords when certain MUA's present them with a dialog box upon receipt of any server error requesting they enter in a username and password. With this patch and happymail-nomsgs set, that wont happen.

Credit to this feature goes to Ken Anderson of Pacific.net from a posting on the qpopper mailing list.

May 26, 2005 - Updated patches for qpopper 4.0.8

The (updated) happymail pl8.408 patch adds rate limiting. For more info, see this entry and the original source of the patch
The tarball has documentation and happytool, and for your convenience the patches are also there.

This updates the sleep-seconds pl4 patch. For more information on that patch start at this entry and work your way back up.

This is an update to the local-names patch. See its original entry

This is a HAPPYMAIL compatible update to the local-names patch. See its original entry

This is an update to the log-level patch. This updated patch applies to clean source, happymail patched source and local-names patched source.

Feb 2, 2004 - HAPPYMAIL sleep-seconds. HAPPYMAIL-PL8-jm-pl4

This version of the sleep-seconds patch modifies the behavior to sleep instead of error out if the sleep time is >= than the current delay would be (as defined in pl3 below), instead of the comparing it with the calculated delay time. pl4 also introduces sleeping for happymail-sleep-slice before sending the reject message which is sent if the delay is over happymail-sleep.

The above version of the patch will apply against qpopper4.0.5 with happymail-pl8.
This version of the patch will apply against qpopper4.0.5 with happymail-pl8-jm-pl3.

Feb 1, 2004 - HAPPYMAIL sleep-seconds. HAPPYMAIL-PL8-jm-pl3

This PL3 version of sleep-seconds patch allows another option of happymail-sleep-slice. This means that the sleeping time will be sliced and seperated per each message the pop server writes to the client. Potentialy this means you may have a much higher value for happymail-sleep without worrying about timing out the client.

A typical "just check my UIDL and STAT and LIST" would give you about 4 opportunities to sleep for happymail-sleep-slice. If happymail-sleep-slice is 25 seconds that means you can set happymail-sleep to 100seconds or so.
This also changes the sleeping to sleep what is left of the required delay. Which means if the delay is 60 seconds and the client just checked the box 5 seconds ago, the sleep would be for 55 seconds, NOT 60 seconds.

This will conflict with the below 2 patches. Apply to qpopper patched with Happymail pl8.

Jan 18, 2004 - HAPPYMAIL sleep-seconds. HAPPYMAIL-PL8

This patch will add support to the HAPPYMAIL patch for time intervals in the seconds.

Additionaly, it adds a qpopper configuration file option happymail-sleep. This will cause HAPPYMAIL to sleep for the delay if it is <= happymail-sleep. As opposed to coming back to the client with errors. This can be helpfull when most of your userbase uses mail programs such as outlook(Certified Abomination) which do not bother displaying server messages to the user. 

This conflicts with the below patch.

Jan 18, 2004 - HAPPYMAIL delay-seconds. HAPPYMAIL-PL8

This patch will add support to the HAPPYMAIL patch for time intervals in the seconds. This conflicts with the above patch.
Jan 28, 2004 - Log-Level.  Qpopper 4.0.5

This patch will add the log-level configuration file level. Any log messages that are higher than this will be silently not logged.
This accepts these values.
This will apply cleanly against the local-names patch below.
This patch will apply clean against unpatched 4.0.5
This patch will apply clean against 4.0.5 with happymail pl8

Jan 28, 2004 - Command-line usage. Qpopper 4.0.5

May 26, 2005 - verified on qpopper 4.0.8

This patch does the minimum neccessary to allow you to run qpopper from the command line with stdin and stdout.
There may be issues with authentication. I did this to help me use gdb on it. To be truly usefull, you may need to setuid or something. In any event, you can always telnet localhost 110.

Jan 28, 2004 - Local-Names. Qpopper 4.0.5
A patch that adds configure options and qpopper configuration file options for help in site localization. This is mostly cosmetic for when interacting with users.
The configure script options are: --enable-local-strings --enable-local-names This will add the following options to the qpopper configuration.
You will need to rm configure && autoconf configure.in > configure && chmod +x configure from the source directory to use this.
This will apply against unpatched 4.0.5
This patch will apply clean against 4.0.5 patched with HAPPYMAIL-pl8

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