This is a small preliminary list of milters. Missing is real attempt to describe or categorize the listed milters.

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93 milter projects/products

Last updated at 03/17/08 seems to have changed ownership/direction sometime ago. It now hosts a list of milters with brief descriptions and breakdowns by various factors. This list is manually cross-referenced with that one.

Open-Source (including projects with no listed license)

1 MIMEDefang If you can think of it and code it in Perl, you can do it with MIMEDefang. link

2 amavis-milter part of the amavis package, scans email through amavis

3 amavisd-milter independent "2nd" gen milter.

4 ivs-milter a virus, spam, and content milter

5 clamav-milter part of the clamav package, scans email through clamav

6 dk-milter implements domainkeys. link

7 milter-dnsrbl analyzes message against rbl's

8 milter-regexp analyzes messages and dispatches actions according to regex expressions

9 milter-size allows an email administrator to reject messages of a specified size range

10 spamass-milter allows email to be scanned, modified, rejected, copied, redirected by spamassassin.

11 dnsbl a sendmail milter with per-user dnsbl filtering, plus more.

12 milter-regex regular expression filtering. link

13 milter-spamd scanning by SpamAssassin spamd. link

14 callahead-milter recipient smtp verification, sender smtp verification.

15 milter-greylist implements greylisting link

16 smf-clamd allows scanning by clamav

17 smf-spamd scanning by SpamAssassin spamd

18 smf-zombie SPAM and virus filtering from zombie hosts

19 smf-spf implements the Sender Policy Framework. link

20 smf-grey implements Greylisting. link

21 smf-sav sender/recipient address smtp verification. link

22 spfmilter implements the Sender Policy Framework

23 blackmilter implements speedy blacklists for sendmail

24 sfcmilter checks for "forgeries" between envelope sender and rfc822 sender.

25 graymilter implements greylisting

26 sample_milter just a sample folks

27 spf-milter implements the Sender Policy Framework

28 spf-milter implements the Sender Policy Framework

29 greypit milter temp fails after N messages per connection

30 ray's filter not maintained, its a header and mime type milter

31 smrazor a milter that implements razor

32 spasm content filter, antivirus, whitelist, blacklists

33 spamilter spf, sender verification, helo verification, whitelist/blacklists, RBL checks, MIME attachment filename suffix filtering. link

34 badDNS reject connections from "bad dns" hosts

35 tantalus block brute forcing smtp hosts

36 spammit header scanner, blacklist/wordlist

37 Bmilter DNSBL checks, smtp callback checks

38 regex checker bcc's

39 spamcheck URL dnsbl checks and misc checks

40 rbl-milter checks rbls and add header warnings

41 synonym sendmail milter allows for copying (archiving), dropping or rejecting email and includes support for disclaimer text addition.

42 ldapVfrom-milter simple LDAP verification of sender address. link

43 mailfromd a milter that hosts the Mail Filtering Language, allowing you to write proglets that are hosted and executed by the milter during sendmail milter callbacks. Functionality available includes sender/recipient verification, greylisting, rate limiting, recipient limits and more.

44 sympa-milter a milter that managed dynamic mailing lists. link

45 sendmail-jilter milter api milter with java. link

46 dkim-milter domain-keys milter and library. link

47 scam-backscatter another recipient verification milter, with config file. link

48 scam-grey greylisting with a windows host targetting twist. link

49 scam-protect filters email from you domain to prevent phishing.

50 scam-av milter interface to spamassassin and clamav.

51 scam-archiver milter archives email.

52 libspawner not quite a milter, but library to allow you to use your own "MTA" with any milter. link

53 bogofilter-milter uses individual bogofilter databases or system database. link

54 milter-dnsbl simple filter consults dnsbl blocklists. link

55 senderid-milter/sid-milter milter implements sender-id and spf. link

56 TclMilter package that implements libmilter allowing you to write milters in TCL. link

57 batv-milter sender authentication implementation. link

58 Bogom milter connects bayesian bogofilter. link

59 mxmilter MX loopback detector. link

60 dnsbl-milter a sendmail milter for more customizable dsnbl/dnswl lookups. link

61 j-chkmail virus and spam filtering, various checks. link

Non Open-Source

1 milter-7bit Content Transfer Encoding Validation. link

2 milter-ahead recipient call ahead smtp validation. link

3 milter-bcc adds bcc based on envelope sender/rcpt. link

4 milter-clamc clamav scanner. link

5 milter-cli exposes miltering for cli programs/shell scripts. link

6 milter-date verifies date-time strings. link

7 milter-error lockout hosts after thresholds of error exceeded. link

8 milter-gris implemenets greylisting. link

9 milter-length flexible message size limiting. link

10 milter-limit rate limiting connections, messages, recipients. link

11 milter-link URL dnsbl scanning. link

12 milter-ns adds dns report. link

13 milter-null filter backscatter DSN from legit ones. link

14 milter-p0f passive OS fingerprinter. link

15 milter-report send reports of blocked combinations periodically. link

16 milter-siq SIQ protocol implementation. link

17 milter-sender sender address smtp validations. link

18 milter-spamc spamassasin scanning. link

19 milter-spamblocker lots of checks scans and sendmail integrations. link

20 milter-spamassassin spamassassin scanning

21 milter-clamav clamav scanning

22 milter-abook whitelisting senders who were recipients of whitelisted senders. link

23 smtp-vilter I dont speak german

24 Sophos Puremessage for Unix anti virus

25 Bitdefender

26 dccm milter for distributed checksum project

27 ldap access milter abstracts and streamlines sendmail access queries and turns them into ldap queries

28 traffic control a purported milter that will rate and flow control things. link

29 NEWT milter that targets web site abused spam sending. link

30 Canit products offer comprehensive abuse filtering. link

31 engate products offer comprehensive abuse filtering. link

32 milter-spiff spf classic implementation. link

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