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About Andrzej Adam Filip


Warsaw, Poland
Primary e-mail:
Backup Andrzej Filip at

Former e-mail addresses

Discontinued 2004-04-08 : ; Unacceptable SPAM level
Discontinued 2004-02-06 : ; Unacceptable SPAM level
Discontinued 2003-07-22 : ; Changed terms of service

ADDITIONAL I was invited to take part in "Meeting of the Minds 2001" organized by Sendmail Inc. in Emeryville (Bay Area, California) July 17-18, 2001
MyUsenet I posted thousands articles mainly to comp.mail.sendmail and pl.comp.mail.mta.


Surrey Master of Science in Telematics
University of Surrey Guildford, Surrey, UK
Department of E&E Engineering
PW Master of Science in Telecommunication Systems
(Magister Inzynier w zakresie Systemow Telekomunikacyjnych)
Warsaw University of Technology Warsaw, Poland
Department of Electronic
Institute of Telecommunication


empolis empolis PL, Warsaw, Poland
System Administrator
empolis PL is a branch of empolis provider of knowledge and content management solutions and software tools. Portal, Warsaw, Poland
E-mail Administrator
The portal is an Internet branch of Agora S.A. - publishers of Gazeta Wyborcza the biggest daily newspaper in Poland.
impaq-pl IMPAQ, Warsaw, Poland
programmer > System Administrator
Software House IMPAQ Poland is a part of IMPAQ group

Other people named Andrzej Filip

Lawyer in Jabłonna near Warsaw, Poland